DC Monitor

Busbar and DC meter for precise monitoring and measurement of current, voltage and power in generator connection boxes of solar parks and PV systems

Measurements on site

Assembly takes place the stringbox by plugging on a 35mm DIN hat rail. The DC string cables are taken up by maintenance-free spring terminals.
The internal controller of the DC-monitor measures current and voltage 80 times per second measures and calculates the DC power out of that.

Environmental Data

In addition to current, voltage and power DC-Monitor monitors its internal device temperature and can capture an external temperature sensor. The generator connection box's internal temperature or the temperature of the PV modules connected so can be evaluated synchronously with the performance data.
At two potential-free inputs, for example the surge protector, door contact or the condition of the fuses can be monitored as well.


DC Monitor provides all measured and calculated values ​​at its built-in Modbus RTU Slave interface. With a suitable Modbus master and the support for the DC Monitor protocol, the measurement data can be easily integrated into applications and systems. The protocol description can be downloaded from the download area.


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