Frage: Can I use the Common-Link service network also on older plants?

Antwort: Yes. Use potential free pins for state capturing.


Frage: Can I view actual plant data constantly and from anywhere?

Antwort: Yes. With a browser and any Internet access point. We are currently developing customized user interfaces that are specifically tailored for use on mobile devices.


Frage: Can I configure the system without access to the Internet?

Antwort: Yes. As an alternative, we allow you to configure via some fax form.


Frage: Can I "on the spot" not simply use a PC to monitor?

Antwort: PCs bring significantly higher investment and maintenance costs as well as its own default risk!


Frage: What is "event-driven communication"?

Antwort: Event-driven communication means that an automatic exchange of information between man and machine then takes place exactly when this e.g. due to a fault makes sense. Thereby cost-saving communication with constant topicality is possible.


Frage: Can I repair my plants as of now "online" too?

Antwort: Almost. The service team can get an idea of the state of the complex in advance.


Frage: Can I keep my proven protocol?

Antwort: Yes. We simply need accurate information on the protocol used.


Frage: Can I get an impression of the configuration via the Internet myself?

Antwort: Yes. On we offer a guest account.